Game Rookies S1EP1 – A Rocky Start

Welcome to the first episode of the Game Rookie Podcast. This is a real serious thing we have going on here. We play games, record them.

In this episode we’ll meet our adventurers: A Half Orc Paladin Named Ogasig. Adventure party consisting of ½ orc Paladin Ogasig, drunken human tavern brawler Morgan, and elven bard El Burto escort a wagon of supplies to Fandolin for their dwarven friend Gundran Rockseeker. Morgan beats a dead horse. El Burto viciously mocks some goblins.

The Game Rookies is produced by Jon-Eric Smith and Abraham Haskin-Murphy.

Music in this episode is from Tabletop Audio, including Tavern Music Cry Havoc, and Carriage Journey.

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